Introduction to Celebrity PR by Mona Loring

Introduction to Celebrity PR

Dear Future Publicist,
Have you been searching for someone to teach you what you need to know about celebrity public relations? Are you hungry for a career as a talent publicist? My Intro to Celebrity PR course covers what you need to know to build a solid foundation in talent public relations. Whether you're a college student or a new publicist that needs to learn the ins and outs of how to a celebrity publicist does it-- this course will give you the fundamentals needed to jump start your career in talent PR. From how to write a pitch, create a press kit, to how to send a pitch and cover a photo shoot, this course will also give you exclusive access to my private THE PR PATH Facebook group, so you can connect with a community of other PR enthusiasts who have purchased my courses, where I will interact and answer questions and help you along in your PR journey. 
If you have been considering a career in talent public relations, this is the perfect starter course for you! Don't hesitate-- jump in and let's get connected!
Mona Loring

What's included?

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Course Contents

Welcome to the Intro to Celebrity PR
1 min
Module One: The Celebrity Publicist’s World
Lesson 1: What is celeb PR?
10 mins
Lesson 2: Day in the life of a celebrity publicist
11 mins
Lesson 3: Day in the life of an intern, assistant & junior publicist
11 mins
Lesson 4: Who are the players?
8 mins
Lesson 5: PR Job Rankings
5 mins
Module One: The Celebrity Publicist’s World: Quiz
Module Two: PR Materials Overview
Lesson 1: PR emails
8 mins
Lesson 2: The Biography a.k.a. the "bio"
3 mins
Lesson 2: Bio Part 2
6 mins
Bio sample
317 KB
Lesson 2: Bio part 3
1 min
Lesson 2: Bio Part 4
5 mins
Lesson 3: Photos and Imagery
3 mins
Lesson 4: Pitch
5 mins
Lesson 4: Pitch Example
3 mins
Lesson 4: EPK Press Clipping Example
2 mins
Module Two: PR Materials Overview: Quiz
Module Three: Life's a Pitch
Lesson 1: PR writing
3 mins
Lesson 2: Pitching Review and Who to Pitch
3 mins
Lesson 3: Pitching Deeper
11 mins
Module Three: Life's a Pitch: Quiz
Module Four: The Life of the Party "Events"
Lesson 1: Event Types
14 mins
Lesson 2: Red Carpet pt 1
18 mins
Lesson 2: Red Carpet pt 2
7 mins
Lesson 2: Red Carpet example
3 mins
Lesson 3: Press Junkets
10 mins
Lesson 3: Press Junket example
3 mins
Lesson 4: Roaming Parties
6 mins
Lesson 5: Top Award Shows
12 mins
Lesson 5: Oscars platform example
2 mins
Lesson 6: NYFW Fashion Shows
10 mins
Module Four: The Life of the Party "Events": Quiz
Module Five: Photo Shoots
Lesson 1: Branding and Image
3 mins
Lesson 2: Glam, Grooming & Styling
17 mins
Lesson 3: Editorial Shoot
6 mins
Lesson 3: Coverage steps at an editorial shoot
103 KB
Lesson 4: Spec Shoot
6 mins
Stylist image example
71.9 KB
Module Five: Photo Shoots: Quiz
Module Six: Press Kits
Lesson 1: Press Clippings
8 mins
Lesson 2: EPK examples
12 mins
Module Six: Press Kits: Quiz
Module Seven: Types of Media & Software
Lesson 1: Radio, Podcast, Broadcast
11 mins
Lesson 2: Online & Social Media
8 mins
Lesson 3: Domestic & Regional Press
7 mins
Lesson 4: Lead Time
9 mins
Lesson 5: PR Software
4 mins
Lesson 5a: Cision Runthrough
12 mins
Module Seven: Types of Media & Software: Quiz
Module Eight: How to Get the Job
Lesson 1: Internship Jobs
12 mins
Lesson 2: Assistant Jobs
11 mins
Lesson 3: Publicist jobs
11 mins

More Information on the course...

When I first started out with my PR career, I was searching everywhere for someone knowledgeable to help me learn more about Talent PR (a.k.a. Celebrity PR). I was disappointed to discover that there were no schools,  classes, or  professional teachers to be found that could help me learn the specifics of the trade. I was on my own, and it was tough trying to meet the right people to help me with my pursuit of the proper education. From then, I vowed to one day come up with a plan to help up and coming PR professionals find resources and gain trusted information so that they would not feel alone when seeking advice and knowledge in talent specific public relations.

This course was set up to feel like you're taking an introductory masterclass in Celebrity PR. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to start off on the right foot in Talent PR. Celebrity Publicity is one of the most complex areas of public relations and strangely enough, there is not formal schooling widely available for this niche. Talent PR prospects are often left to try and get lucky enough to score an internship in addition to their college communications classes hoping they can learn enough to get a job in the industry and work their way up and actually learn the ropes of what Celebrity PR is really like... and you're rarely taught anything that directly translates into this specific line of work.

Talent PR is a tough business and there is a lot you have to know to be successful. It is also crucial to get hands-on experience in the work force. What I am offering is the first step. My courses will give you a great foundation with a strategically thought-out, comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Celebrity Publicity, so that you can apply for a job with the knowledge and confidence that you know what you're about to get into, and that your future boss will be impressed with your wealth of knowledge. The goal is for you to thrive in your interview and then shine in your new talent PR position!

Look me up. My experience and network reach is verifiable. I have connections throughout the Entertainment PR business and I can also say that when my colleagues in the industry see that you have trained with me and taken my course, you will be far more likely to score the  job compared to the likelihood if you had little experience and/or were coming out of college with a degree and no proper education in Celebrity PR.

The lesson breakdowns below will help you get a better understanding of what you will learn when taking this course:

  • Lesson One: What is Celebrity PR?

We will start with the basics.  I will go over a day in the life of a talent publicist, a junior publicist and a PR assistant. You will learn the roles of the actor and their team: Manager, Agent, Lawyer, Publicist, and what each does. We will go over PR Job rankings from interns to assistant, juniors, all the way to the top ranks, i.e. SVPs. 

  • Lesson Two: PR Materials overview

We will go over bios, photos, client imagery, pitches, press kits, etc. We will go over writing PR emails and your email inbox labeling.

  • Lesson Three: Life’s a Pitch

This lesson will start with discussing the importance of PR writing. We will then go over pitching-- both in writing and on the phone, the hows and whys, pros and cons. We will also discuss following a pitch email up, the importance of an email subject line and how to leave professional messages on a voicemail.

  • Lesson Four: The Life of the Party 

We will start by discussing all the PR event types. We will go over what “coverage” means and the steps on how to handle talent at these events. You will get to learn what it is like to handle talent on a red carpet. I will include videos of real scenarios to support as examples.

  • Lesson Five: Images and Photo Shoots

We will discuss what branding and images mean and go over the basics of covering photo shoots.

  • Lesson Six: Press clippings and Press Kits

I will tell you what a press clipping is, how you track press and all about press kits (EPKs). 

  • Lesson Seven: Types of media outlets

We will go over all the various types of media outlets and the software to find media outlets, contacts in order to make press pitch lists.
  • Radio/podcast
  • Broadcast
  • Online/web
  • Print magazines newspapers

  • Lesson Eight- How to get the job

 I will explain how you can set yourself up for the best success and land an internship, assistant, junior and publicist position. We will discuss the resume, the cover letter, where to look for jobs and network, and what you need to do and how to do it all.

Everything I teach is tailored for a beginner's needs. It will give you a comprehensive understanding of what will be expected of you once you get a job at a PR agency, to help you land the job and once you do... you will likely be farther ahead of other newcomers coming into the position-- and your boss will take note!


What will taking this course teach me that an internship or workshop doesn't?

There is nothing better than hands on experience, and this course is not taking away from that at all. What this course does for you that an internship does not, however, is take the time to explain all the introductory information about the celebrity PR business, give you an overview that you likely will not get when interning for a PR agency, and answer questions while explaining the basics of how to do celebrity PR in detail. As much as I am proud of what my interns get out of working for us in a semester, I know that they would never get this type of strategic information out of the internship. There is so much we will cover in detail and I will lead you through each area step by step. 

As for workshops, I have yet to see a workshop that covers how to work in talent PR this comprehensively, and my decade and a half in talent PR gave me much knowledge to share with my students.

When will you offer more course options?

Future course release dates have not been determined at this time, however, I am working on the follow up to the Intro to Celebrity PR course called Deeper Dive, as well as a certification program.

Will taking this course help me land a job in talent PR?

While I cannot offer you any guarantees (get used to this statement because you will say it to potential clients often!),  I do believe that taking this course will open many doors for you. And although I cannot refer you to anyone specifically because of a conflict of interest, the fact that you have taken my course(s), will speak for itself and likely help you get a head start on your job hunt compared to those who do not have the education you do after learning from me. I have many supportive peers who could be your potential employers, that stand by my course and are excited to consider hiring my certified students because they will know they have been well taught! My upcoming certification program will also be a great way to get the job of your dreams!

Will you offer a certification program?

I am currently developing a Celebrity PR certification program. Be sure to join my mailing list to stay in touch to get details on when I begin to offer it!

Mona Loring

My 16 years in PR have taught me the ins and outs of PR for celebs, authors, influencers, directors, small businesses, corporations, media, crisis communications etc. I own two successful PR agencies, MLC PR and Conscious Living PR and have launched the careers of some of the top names in entertainment such as Michael B. Jordan, Zoey Deutch and Oscar-nominated director Theodore Melfi, and successfully garnered clients Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and wins.